When I was looking for a trainer to back my 3 year-old dressage prospect, I was given a referral to Claire Hunter.  The following recommendation came from an Equine Canada Level 3 Dressage Coach who has been named to the Canadian Equestrian Team on several occasions:  “I can recommend Claire Hunter for starting young horses.  She does a great job and her horses are very rideable when she is finished with them.”  Based on this, my daughter and I both sent our young horses to Claire.

I have kept my horses at home for 20 years, and it was difficult to relinquish their care to someone else.  However, Claire was good enough to keep us informed of their progress and to include us in the training process, and I had the pleasure of watching her work with both of them.  Claire’s broad spectrum of experience allows her to approach every horse as an individual, and she is very intuitive when it comes to determining the needs of each. The respect and trust she develops with groundwork prepared my horse well for the actual backing.  He returned home several weeks later well prepared and ready to proceed with his basic training.  A little farther long in his training, our other horse came back to us brimming with confidence and happy in his work.  All young horses should be started this way.  We couldn’t have been more pleased, and we will continue to use Claire’s strategies at home.
Carolyn Morrow, Plain Bay Farm, Parry Sound, Ontario