“When I brought my 8 year old mare, Ciara, to Braecrest this past winter I had no idea what to expect. I had almost given up on her riding career after an extended period of time off and foaling had left her out-of-shape and unmanageable. I had heard great things about Claire and Braecrest but my mare had a lot of issues and I was preparing for the worst.

I could never have expected that Ciara would make such progress in the short time she was there. Very early on Claire identified Ciara’s anxiety and worked through various issues (ie running through gates, avoiding interaction). I was always encouraged to visit and be involved in the training, most of which centered on encouraging her to become engaged in her work and her surroundings. Ciara settled into her new routine at Braecrest and very quickly changed from a pushy, hard-to-handle mare into a calmer, more focused and rideable horse.

Ciara is back to work and we are both enjoying each other and our riding again. I could never have imagined that the short time at Braecrest would affect my horse so much, and I am grateful for the time and energy that Claire and everyone at Braecrest devoted to her.”
Xoxo Kelly & Ciara