“I had spent a lot of time looking for a home for a two year old colt and had a great deal of trouble finding a suitable, safe, knowledgeable boarding facility (particularly for a colt) within a reasonable drive from Toronto. When I came across Claire’s I had hoped that I had found the right place. After a few weeks, I realized that I had found a long-term home for the colt and an absolutely wonderful place for both horses and people. Claire’s extensive knowledge, meticulous attention to details, and her passion for young horses and providing a quality environment for horses learn and flourish is priceless. If ever I am reincarnated as an animal I hope that I get to live at Braecrest under Claire’s care. All the people at the farm make up such a great team and together make it such a wonderful place. Claire and her family are the heart of Braecrest and are such fantastic people. I could write a novel about all the great qualities that Braecrest offers and I would very quickly recommend Braecrest with the highest regards to anyone.” Sarah Bates