I approached Claire Hunter at Braecrest Stables as some friends and I were in search of a perfect equine partner. She came highly recommended by well-established equestrian professionals all across Ontario. Not only did she meet our needs, but she made us feel welcome and desired on her lovely and unbelievably well maintained property. Over the years, I have gone to Claire at Braecrest Stables for professional equestrian help regarding the upbringing of my young horses. She has exceled in establishing a perfect feeding and training program and has helped me gain an extensive understanding of my horses. I have met a true and accomplished horsewoman that actively listens to your needs before fulfilling them at 110%. For all the above reasons, I highly recommend Braecrest Stables to whomever is in search of a perfect equine partner or needing help understanding their current one. To anyone seeking breeding advice or the upbringing of their young horse. Most importantly, to everyone who wishes to undergo an amazing, worry free horse experience. — Sophie Balogh