We came to Claire Hunter and Braecrest on the recommendation of my daughter’s coach.  Having purchased Cal, a two year old horse, our goal was to enter into a relationship with a trainer to build the requisite skills setting the horse up for success in his career as a performance horse.  Claire took a fearful reactive young horse to Braecrest in March 2016.  Within weeks, the change in the horse was evident.  He began to trust Claire and find reassurance in the Braecrest routine.  Physical issues contributing to his behaviors were thoroughly investigated and eliminated – leading to the discovery of needed dental work!  There were no secrets – we were welcome to participate in the training to continue our relationship with Cal and learn about Claire’s training style.  The training was systematic and thorough, always focused on positive developments, including supporting his learning to make ‘the right decisions’ – a concept that was new to me.

The physical environment at Braecrest includes well thought out facilities ensuring the horses have opportunity to be horses – lots of turn out, safe and secure fencing, indoor and outdoor rings and opportunity to develop confidence hacking out in the fields.  There is a noticeable atmosphere of calmness emanating from Claire.  The horses react positively to this atmosphere, as do the people!  There is a real sense of community that accompanies the experience of having a horse in training at Braecrest.

Today, Cal is a well rounded three year old.  He is very well schooled under saddle, respectful on the ground, generally makes good decisions and looks to his human (rider or handler) for direction.  He has successfully shown at the Cup Qualifiers – demonstrating a surprising level of maturity and confidence for a young horse.  I look forward to his continued development.  Thank you Claire and the team at Braecrest for all you have done with Cal and for us.  I have a deep and sincere respect for your skills and the training program you provide at Braecrest.  The foals we have seen born and grow at Braecrest have convinced us that we will look to you for our next horse!

Karen and Kat Bennett