Claire Hunter and Braecrest Stables….where to start?  It started approximately 9 years ago when I went to look at a horse Claire had offered for sale.  I had just bought a farm and was looking for a horse for myself after being out of the horse business for several years. My experience in the horse business had allowed me to work with some of the most successful world class horses, riders and trainers.

My first meeting with Claire left me feeling impressed. I found her to be extremely professional, personable and talented. Both her barn and horses reflected her attention to detail and her quality care.

I didn’t end up buying that horse from Claire but I continued to follow her through updates on her website and social media.

A few years later I needed to sell my farm and there was only one place that I would  consider as a new home for my horses. I decided to contact Claire and it turned out that she was relocating Braecrest Stables to the same area that I was moving to.  From that day forward my relationship with Claire began.

My horses have been living at Braecrest for 3 years and have received the best of care. Claire goes above and beyond 24/7.  I have watched her work with every type of horse and she truly has a gift. She is patient and kind, and  takes the time to clearly understand each horse and tailors her program to meet their specific needs. Claire has a very unique rapport with both animals and people.

Last year my daughter and I decided to buy a horse from Claire that she had bred and trained, and with Claire’s guidance we decided to breed her and we now have a lovely foal.

Claire’s breeding program is producing some exceptional youngsters and in a very short period of time she has achieved  great success in the show ring.

Claire has built her business from the ground up. There is nothing she can’t do. On any given day you may find her delivering a foal, inseminating a mare, backing a 2 yr old, training her youngsters, starting a horse for a client,  working with a horse with behavioral issues, preparing for a horse show, cutting hay, digging post holes, fixing machinery, building fences, trailering horses or playing with puppies.   She is a remarkable horsewoman, a gifted trainer and rider, and the most hard working person I know. She is gracious, kind, intelligent and compassionate.

I have been a client for three years and doing business with her has been an absolute pleasure.  I am so excited to see what the future holds.