April 24th brought the arrival of the first two foals born at Braecrest in 2017.  At 12:15pm, Zoe decided that it was a perfect sunny day to deliver her foal in the hay outside, with the support of her broodmare buddies.  Fortunately we caught her just minutes after she delivered and were able to assist where needed.  The filly was striking! Beautiful expressive face with fabulous white markings. After we assessed her, she appeared to be a little weak, and had some drooping in her face and muzzle… no tone to the skin and no movement to her lips. We lifted her into the ATV wagon and Zoe happily followed us to the barn.  Fortunately we have a colostrum bank here at Braecrest. Each mare that foals out, we get her foal nursing a few times to ensure colostrum intake, and then milk the mare out a little and freeze some for emergencies.  We sure were thankful we did, as Zoe’s milk hadn’t come in yet, and this little lady needed some help.  After lots of stimulation, getting her on her feet, we finally saw her face tone up and a glimpse of a suckle reflex. Thank god! Over the next 4 hours, she improved more and more, and we’re happy to say she seems to be on track and a happy, healthy foal! The mare’s milk has come in, and they’re doing really well.

After spending 7 hours making sure this foal stayed eating and motivated, it was my turn to run away for a quick bite. I returned at 9pm to do night check and make sure Zoe and filly were doing well, and doesn’t Radiant go into labour! She is very consistent with her 9-11pm foaling. I’m so thankful for this!  Her water broke, I checked foal was presented properly, and 10minutes later, we have a huge, strapping colt, ready to take on the world! This boy arrive so strong and well developed. He was on his feet in 45 minutes, nursed, passed meconium, and did everything right. So great to have a textbook foaling, after the struggle we had all afternoon.  This boy immediately was given the name ‘Braecrest Beckham’. It was just so perfect for this very good looking, strong, vibrant colt!

These foals will be available for purchase.  If anyone would like to come out and meet them, please feel free to get in touch!  We have 3 more Braecrest foals coming, one for AHF Breeding, and two others to deliver. Fingers crossed the season continues to go well for all the mamas and foals!