Claire Hunter is Braecrest

A look through the testimonials is more proof of her natural abilities than anything we can say.

Claire has years of experience with an incredible ability to communicate with the most challenging of animals. Her unique methods produce outstanding results. Claire employs extensive ground-work, teaching to manage their emotions in fearful situations, and her keen understanding of equine body language allows her to provide remarkable results in every horse that comes through the program.

Instilling the confidence, trust, and willingness in these animals is imperative for a successful future, whether it be in the show ring, or pleasure riding at home. Creating a relationship of mutual respect and understanding between horse and rider results in reliable, safe, happy horse and a confident, successful rider.

Claire’s attention to detail and care she provides is second to none. Every horse at Braecrest is cared for with the highest of standards, with the focus on overall mental and physical balance and well-being of each animal.