Are you envisioning a foal from your champion competition mare, balancing her peak performance years with breeding? Or perhaps you wish for a foal from a mare dear to you, one who cannot bear or nurture a foal herself? If the process seems daunting or you’re uncertain where to begin, we’re here to help make your dream of a custom foal from your cherished mare a reality.

At Braecrest, we’ve carefully curated a select group of recipient mares. These mares are not only proven in their ability to breed and raise foals, but they also embody the ideal characteristics of a sport horse, ensuring they positively influence the foals they carry. Selected for their exceptional temperaments and free from any vices, these mares are ideally suited to carry your valuable embryo and raise your precious foal.

Our team collaborates closely with our veterinarians to meticulously synchronize the mares’ cycles, manage the breeding, and ensure the embryo transfer process is as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved—your mare, the recipient mare, and you! We provide a comprehensive service, from conception through foaling, all the way to starting their training under saddle. Whether you need help with just a specific part of the process or the whole experience, Braecrest is here to support you in your dreams and investments.