On March 25th, 2015, the most beautiful, correct, elegant filly we could ever have dreamed of made her grand entrance to the world! A new mare for our broodmare herd, a dark bay Hanoverian, EM Wildflower WF, better known as Winnie, carried the very first foal of our homebred stallion, Braecrest Beaumont (Banderas x Pablo x Figaro). After 11 months of anticipation and excitement, Winnie went into labour in the early hours of that chilly Sunday morning, and in no time, the tiny bay filly was here!

In searching for names that began with the letter ‘B’ to honor her sire, Beaumont. We quickly knew that there was no doubt she would be named Braecrest Beautiful, with the barn name of ‘B.’ She was a sassy filly, full of vibrance and athleticism. I was so pleased with her excellent conformation, darling face, big kind eyes, and perfect amount of white. 

As she grew and developed over the following 12 months, it became more apparent how special she was. A local trainer reached out to see what young horses we had available – and as Winnie was confirmed back in foal with another Beaumont filly, I was open to letting B go – but only into the best hands that would give her the greatest opportunities! We agreed that Beautiful would be prepared and shown by us at the 2015 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, and then she would head off to her new home. B took everything in stride at the Royal, winning the 2015 Filly Class and Junior Champion Canadian Sport Horse. We were thrilled!

B enjoyed being loved and pampered by her new owners throughout her two-year-old year and was shown on the line very successfully at a few CSHA shows in Ontario. As all good things often come to an end… and new doors open—a buyer from Washington, USA, saw Beautiful and reached out to her current owner to purchase the filly. They were looking for an exceptional hunter prospect, and Beautiful was just that.

I was sad to hear she was leaving Ontario and may not see her again. However, I was very excited that another of our youngsters was heading off to the US to make a name for themselves and Braecrest!

Now, over 3800km away, I was very grateful that B’s new owner kept in touch with us over the next few years, sending video clips and pictures on Instagram. She gave her the barn name ‘Jolie.’ 

Updates lessened over the next few years, so I decided to reach out. It turned out Jolie was now being ridden by a very young girl, Tessa, who met her at the barn where she was taking lessons, and they formed a remarkable bond! Jolie responded to the quiet, gentle young rider and began to excel in her work. The family then decided that perhaps ownership was now in the cards for their daughter and purchased Jolie for her to continue developing. 

Shortly after, the family moved to Colorado, where they had to find a new barn for Jolie. The family was fortunate to find Claire Gordon-Neff at Front Range Show Stables. Claire was able to help them identify some soundness and training struggles that Jolie had been experiencing and teach them how to really understand and hear Jolie. Now a young teenager, Tessa also had big show aspirations, and there was no guarantee that Jolie would come along soon enough for Tessa’s competition goals. Their vets suspected somewhere along her journey before Tessa’s family got her, Jolie had suffered a significant hind-end injury. It was uncertain if the mare could do the job even with careful and experienced support. Claire Gordon-Neff was concerned about the long-term well-being of the mare if she were sold to another performance home. That is when the family made the decision to reach out to me!

I was thrilled to get a phone call from them. They told me Jolie’s story and how much they adored the mare. They were unsure what kind of future she could have, whether it be working or breeding. They wanted her to be with someone who would understand, love, and treat her with kindness. Their coach and trainer took the time to connect with me, as well, which helped complete Jolie’s history. I had no hesitation in saying that Jolie would always have a home here. So, I agreed to bring her home and let her tell us what she could manage, physically and mentally. Jolie’s family shed many tears – both from gratitude and the sadness of having to say goodbye. 

As breeders, we are responsible for the horses we bring into this world, and we should always be here to support them throughout their lifetime. Whether it be helping to re-homing them to suitable families or retiring them back to their home farm, I will always step up. I’m grateful I was in a position to do this for Jolie and her family. 

Another 2800km journey across the country brought Jolie home to Ontario. When she arrived, it was apparent that she had some weakness and compensation patterns in her back end. She definitely had some troubles along the way but was generally comfortable, healthy and happy. We had a complete vet exam, and it was decided that she was reproductively sound and an excellent candidate to produce future superstars. We decided to let her carry a foal, and Light My Fire from Dreamscape Farm was the selected sire. 

Light My Fire, the chestnut Hanoverian stallion born in 2012, has distinguished himself in the jumping and hunter disciplines. He’s known for his exceptional talent, significant scope, and perfect technique, having astonished spectators early in his career. He descends from a strong lineage, sired by International Grand Prix Stallion Light On and carrying prestigious jumping lines through his dam, SPS Sarieka (Argentinus). His success includes being Champion of his 70-day stallion test in 2015, winning the Stakkato Prize in 2016, and achieving significant accolades in the hunter derby arena in Canada. Light My Fire’s offspring inherit his impressive type, movement, and jumping ability, reflecting his qualities as a sire! 

Jolie is the first mare due to foal in 2024 at Braecrest, with 340 days gestation being April 17th. Stay tuned for updates on the arrival of her first baby!!

Baby B

2015 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

With her handsome sire – Braecrest Beaumont