When it comes to ensuring the health and well-being of your horses, proper hoof care cannot be underestimated. Especially in damp conditions, which are prime for the development of thrush. These LeoVet products are the ones we use on a regular basis.

Frog Medic is our go-to treatment for our horses, living both indoors or outdoors when conditions are damp and prime for thrush. It is super easy to apply, and I love how it penetrates into every little space.  The FrogAde is also superb for treatment and painting on hooves after a fresh trim. It is a great preventative! HufLab is a beautiful quality nourishing oil to keep feet healthy, strong, and also so shiny; it adds the ultimate finish to the perfect grooming job!

Frog Medic –- Thrush care, highly concentrated for deep and thorough penetration

FrogMedic is specifically designed for use in acute cases: it penetrates deeply, spreading into the grooves and into small fissures, thus reaching decayed spots. FrogMedic blocks out sogginess and stops deterioration. It dries the frog so that healthy tissue can grow back.

FrogAde – Optimal thrush care for sole and frog

The brush-on pack makes application easy and gives the sole and frog a good massage. The rotted horn is removed, and circulation is stimulated.  FrogAde also has a preventive effect, with the frog and sole being protected from further rot.

HufLab Hoof Oil – With pure natural oils for strong hooves

HufLab Hoof Oil contains pure plant oils from avocado, jojoba, sesame and calendula that nourish the horn, keeping it elastic and strong. This treatment promotes hoof growth and protects against separating hoof walls and decay. Huflab also brings moisture into the hoof and provides a long-lasting shine.

All of these products can be found at many of your local tack shops, and available in store and online at HorseandHound.ca