Sirenity is a three year old warmblood mare, born and raised at a breeding farm in Southern Ontario. Due to a complex series of health problems, intense stress, and lifestyle complications, this filly developed very dangerous and avoidant behaviours with her caregivers.

In EPISODE 2, we delve deeper into the background of Sirenity, a beautiful mare with a story that encapsulates the journey some horses and their owners face. Every horse has a tale, and Sirenity’s has not been an easy one. With health complications that later intertwined with her behavior, handling, and training, the challenges kept piling up.

We began addressing nutrition, daily management and socializing, and preparing for the beginning of her groundwork and training. The problems that started mainly were related to health complications, which quickly developed into handling and training challenges for her owner/breeder. We had to take an approach that considered every aspect of her health and well-being to have any hope of helping her get back on track.

Sirenity is a vivid reminder that with horses, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. An approach that considers the horse’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being is essential.