We’ve been in the horse world for a while, and over the years, we have discovered a few gems that make life easier when it comes to starting our young horses. One of those gems is the Acavallo® Twin-Sided Gel Saddle Pad. It has been in our tack room for years and has become our go-to for starting the young ones.

What we love about this twin-sided saddle pad is the double layer of anti-slip and shock-absorbing therapeutic gel on both surfaces. We use this saddle pad specifically for starting the young ones when we are leaning on them and backing them for the first few times. I love how they have a gentle grip both on the horse’s back and the underside of your saddle. This allows us to lean and pull on the saddles to help the horses get used to the idea of carrying a rider without having to over-tighten girths for stability. A saddle pad slipping on a young horse can really be a frightening experience, and this pad prevents that from possibly happening.

Comfort for All

We also love this pad for low-withered sausage-type horses. The shock-absorbing gel protects their backs. But its benefits go beyond those first rides—we use this saddle pad on the horses further along in their work, jump schooling, etc. They wash super easily and are very durable. I am very pleased with the quality!

If you want to create a positive experience when starting young horses under saddle, this saddle pad is an investment worth making.