I’m so grateful to have the Acavallo Arena ALUPLUS Stirrups on all my saddles we use on the young horses at Braecrest. Of all the stirrups I have used over the years, these are undoubtedly my all-time favorite for multiple reasons. The wide footbed gives excellent feel and stability, and my toes no longer go numb! They are a perfect weight – they just gently bump the horse’s sides when we’re preparing them for backing/starting under saddle and are easy for the rider to pick them up with their feet once mounted. The peace of mind they give me with the patented side opening that allows your foot to easily slip out should you have an unplanned dismount is essential. I highly recommend these stirrups for any type of riding, be it starting the young ones, showing over fences, or even just hacking out. They could absolutely save your life!


Late in 2023, we were privileged to try some of Canada’s first new Abus Pikeur helmets. I’ve been a GPA fan for about the last two decades, and finally, here is a helmet that not only rivals the tried and true GPA but also far surpasses it in every category!
I love that Pikeur partnered with Abus. This partnership signifies a blend of expertise from two leaders in their respective fields — ABUS’s proficiency in safety and protective gear and Pikeur’s insight into equestrian attire and the specific demands of riders. They have created several beautiful models of helmets that offer advanced protection and custom fit with excellent ventilation. They are exceptionally comfortable to wear all day long at a horse show or if your list of horses to flat at home seems never-ending! Definitely get 5 stars from all of us at Braecrest!