We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Great Escape Mustangs and Frantisi Inc. for collaborating in naming one of Braecrest’s babies this year. Alicia Chaulk chose the winning name, Braecrest Oceana.  As promised, we are making a $500.00  donation to Great Escape Mustangs Collaborative.

Currently, the Bureau of Land Management oversees over 50,000 wild horses in holding areas throughout the Western United States. These horses are in limbo, waiting for adoption by individuals capable of managing their training, domestication, and life outside their natural range. Mustangs, inherently suited for the wild, often struggle when integrated into human environments. This transition can lead to difficulties for both the horses and their adopters, sometimes resulting in neglect, abuse, abandonment, starvation, constant rehoming, or even worse fates like auctions or slaughter.

The Great Escape Mustang Collaborative plays a critical role in addressing the urgent need for rehabilitating, training, and finding new homes for these formerly wild Mustangs. They have established a dynamic alliance that includes Foster Partners, Trainer Partners, and Sanctuaries, supported by a network of committed volunteers. This community is vital for providing a wide range of support for Mustangs in need. Their efforts are heavily reliant on public support, which is crucial for the continuation of their mission.

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone who has everything? Consider making a donation to Great Escape Mustang Collaborative in their honor. Click here to find out how: